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Is this garment unisex?

All our tee’s, sweatshirt’s and trousers are unisex.

Which oversized sweatshirt's fit well to woman’s?

We recommended:

If your size is XS/S choose M size
If your size is M choose L
If your size is L choose XL

Please note that sweatshirt should be with some loosness as minimum 10 cm.

What does it mean unisex fit?

Unisex fit has a low shoulder line and the sleeves are longer than usual, so garment will also work perfectly for women and for men. For woman to make look nicer we recommended make sleeves 3/4, shoulder line become softer and lower.

Which t shirt's fit well to woman’s?

Please note, that t shirt are boy fit and will look looser.
We recommended choose your current size.