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EDDO. Our different

EDDO. street art creation was born as a family collaboration between three people: a clothing designer mother, jazz performer daughter, and a very talented young guy, a son. Inspired by the current situation in the world and relationships among people, we reflect it on our tees and sweatshirts with a funny and sometimes ironic taste.
A unique and provocative unisex design, street art and minimalism.
Each design was hand-drawn first and then transformed into print.
We create for those who are free of limits, enjoy life, are positive and make people smile. For those who are young inside, make the world spin, for everyone who has an open mind and a big heart.
Each graphic print has created by hand drawing, with special attention to details, adding a lot of heart and good emotions.
We are respectful to nature and animal world, we are using only certified fabrics, such as Oeko tex, Peta Vegan, Organic cotton.